Reardon Ranch - Mason, TX
Bow hunting for trophy deer in the Hill Country.
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About us

  The Reardon Ranch is a fourth generation ranch and has only recently been available for hunting opportunities.  This ranch has been family run with the highest standards of range management in mind.  Most recently our feeding and habitat management program has moved from solely cattle raising to a blend of cattle and wildlife management.  Our deer population is approximately 1 deer to 7 acres in our wildlife management area which is currently at 5000 acres adjacent and including our ranch.  We have yearly meetings and keep records of our harvested animals to share with our game biologists helping with our management area. 
   Our ranch began in 2005 with a blend of protein and corn supplements throughout the year for our deer.  In the last 6 years this has proven to drastically improve the horn and health of our native animals.  Our harvest recommendations have also added to the average age of our harvested animals to increase. 
   Our ranch consists of mainly native grasses and is covered in a mix of Live Oak, Post Oak, and Blackjack trees which are perfect for lock-on or lean-to stands.  Pop up blinds are also useful.  We have a wonderful lodge with AC and Heat, and a working fireplace.  The lodge also is equipped with a full kitchen, satelite TV, hot tub, big screen TV, and kegarator for your enjoyment.  The ranch also has several stocked fishing tanks where you may catch blue catfish, channel catfish, bass, crappie, and several varieties of perch.  The ranch is a great retreat for all times of the year.  There is approximately 1 mile of seasonal creek to walk and find quartz crystals and Native American artifacts, as well as beautiful granite rocks to climb on. So come and enjoy this little bit of Heaven on Earth with us and create some of those family memories that will last a lifetime. 
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